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May 8, 2013
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When Deadlox woke up he found he was still half blind. Out in the mysterious darkness everything was ominously silent. He was surprised to find his restraints gone. He sat up, feeling like he hadn't moved in months. His balance was a little off, but he just assumed it was from not moving for awhile. 

As soon as his feet hit the ground, the soft voice he "talked" with the other day said softly, 

"Are you finally awake this time?" 

Deadlox was confused. 

"What do you mean this time?" He asked, half expecting not to get a straight answer. Again. 

"You have been slipping in and out of conciseness the past 2 days." It answered. 

"2 DAYS?!? I've been out for 2 DAYS?!?" Sputtered Deadlox angrily. 

"That's what I just said, didn't I?" The voice said smoothly. 

Deadlox took some deep breaths to calm himself down. He walked back and forth a few times to get his balance back. He could feel the eyes of the unknown something watching his every move. Deadlox stopped after a few more minutes of pacing and asked, 

"Now are you going to tell me who you are? The last time we talked, you said you would. It's later now." 

"So I did." The thing answered, then continued. 

"But I still think I should wait a little while longer. Follow my voice, I want to show you something!" It's voice was getting fainter as it spoke. It really left Deadlox with no option but to follow it. 

Deadlox heard him rambling on about nothing in particular as he jogged to follow it. Deadlox was taking a huge risk by following this unknown something. He had no idea where he was, or where he was going. The ground was cobblestone, so that didn't help him much at all. 

"We're here!" The soft voice rang out after about 3 more minutes of jogging. Deadlox could just barely see something in front of him so he stepped a little closer to get a better look. It was about 2 blocks tall, 1 block long, and 1/2 a block wide. It was made of some sort of faintly glowing, reflective end stone. Deadlox was disappointed when he found out he was to blind to see his own reflection. 

"I don't get what's so special about it, besides the fact that it's reflective, and made of end stone." Deadlox said. 

"Oh you'll see it's amazingness in just a few more seconds....." The voice trailed off. 

Just then the thing started to glow. Deadlox saw a cave system, and heard  some voices off in the distance. The thing showed the view moving through the cave system, towards the voices. He saw something flitting through the shadows, and while he was trying to identify it, a sudden light filled the room. Torchlight. They were 'in' a cavern. He saw Sky and Jason with pics, swords, shovels, and torches. Suddenly an evil laugh filled the cavern. It sounded like his own voice, but distorted. In an evil way. Jason and Sky looked surprised and scared. (Or as Sky puts it, startled.)

"D-Deadlox?" Sky and Jason asked at the exat same time. Another round of laughing was their answer. Something in the shadows jumped out at Jason. It looked like himself, but he had a red-glowing headset, and reddish-purple eyes. Not only that but it had fangs and black and purple enderdragon style wings. The thing whipped out a jagged-edged black sword with a purplish aura around it. It sliced Jason's arm, deep enough to hit bone. It smiled evilly as Jason and Sky stumbled backwards. Then it spoke. 

"I will get my revenge Sky. It's your fault I'm a monster. This is only the beginning." 

It leapt forward, and before anyone could blink, it slit Jason's throat, killing him. It was laughing and grinning like a lunatic. It ran off, jumped then flew away, it's laughs still echoing around the cavern. 

Deadlox stumbled backwards, away from the now dim-glowing crystal. 

"Is-is J-Jason really d-dead?" Deadlox asked horrified. 

"Yes. This happened last night." The voice answered carefully. 

"D-did I do that?" Deadlox asked sadly. It must have been him, it looked almost exactly like him. 

"In a way, yes you did, but no you did not." The voice said slowly. 

"Who are you?!? What is going on?!? And this time I want a straight answer!!!" Deadlox burst out angrily. He was confused and frustrated. He wanted to know how and why he had killed Jason. Jason was one of his best friends!

"I guess it's time you knew. I am Aleresk. King of the Enderdragons. 


It had been a day since Sky had arrived in the valley. He and Jason had looked everywhere they could think possible, including walking down to ChimnySwift's, but they had no luck. Jason asked Sky if he wanted to go mining, to take his mind off Deadlox's dissaperence. Sky accepted. 




Sky walked down the stairs with 2 iron picaxes. Jason had 2 shovels and 2 swords. They started walking to Jason's mine, when they got there they stopped at Jason's mining base and grabbed torches. Soon they headed down to hopefully find some diamonds. 

"I wonder why we haven't seen any mobs yet." Jason said to Sky some time later.

"It's prabably the the torches keeping them from spawning." Sky pointed out. 

"The torches end right up here, they should be up here, trying to attack us." Jason said matter-of-fact-ly. 

When they rounded the corner, there were no mobs in sight. No torches usually meant mobs galore, but not this time. Sky just shrugged. He put up a torch, and they continued on. 

"Oh look! Budder!" Sky called out. He ran up to it and started to mine the budder, while Jason put up some more torches. When Sky caught up to Jason, he thought he saw something, but when he went up to it, nothing. Sky just shook his head. Thing just kept getting weirder and weirder. Jason had found a ton of coal, so Sky went over to help him. 

"This is a LOT of coal." Sky said, trying to keep his mind off missing Deadlox, absent mobs, and him seeing things. He was walking up to some iron ore when he saw the first monster of the expedition. 

"A ZOMBIE!! YAY!!" Sky shouted, jumping up and down. He was so busy being exited, that he almost forgot to kill it. 

Jason ran up to Sky to see why he was so exited by it, but then he realized that Sky had seen the first monster. 

Sky put up some more torches, and when he turned around, he frowned. Jason was mining up the iron he found. 

Sky heard something behind him, and he whipped around, sword held, ready to kill. 

"NIGHT?!?!?" he gasped. He had shut her in the guest room!!!

 "How did you get here?!?" Night just walked over to where Jason had stopped mining the iron. She jumped onto an ore block, then she jumped onto Jason's head, then jumped onto Sky's shoulder and say down. Sky and Jason just stared at her. She stared back. Jason just shrugged, and went deeper into the cave system. After a few seconds Sky followed. 

After a little while Night jumped off Sky's shoulder and followed him, because she was just getting in the way. Sky again thought he saw something in the shadows, but wane he went over there, again, nothing. He walked over to Jason. 

"How long have we been mining?" He asked. 

"About 5 hours, why?" Jason answered. 

"Just wondering."

"Sky, have you ever been to the ather?" 

"Nope. But I want to. I wish it was still possible to get up there." 

"I'm pretty sure it is, but I don't know." 

They talked about random stuff for a while. Just talking and mining an putting up torches. 

Soon Sky saw something moving through the shadows again. He quickly put up a torch, and tripped into a cavern. He put up anther torch, and Jason jumped down after him. 

After a few seconds they heard some laughing, and it sounded like Deadlox!! Sky and Jason looked at each other as the laughing came again. It sounded a lot like Deadlox, exept different. 

"D-Deadlox?" Sky an Jason called at the exact same time. The laughing came again and Sky was very startled. Something in the shadows on the other side of the cavern moved. It jumped at them, and the thing gave Jason a deep cut on his arm with a deadly looking, jagged edged black sword. 

When Sky and Jason saw what attacked them, they both stumbled back a few steps. It was Deadlox! No. It wasn't Deadlox. This thing had reddish purple eyes, a red-glowing headset, fangs, and black and purple enderdragon wings. The thig spoke. 

"I will get my revenge Sky. It's your fault I'm a monster. This is only the beginning." 

Then before Sky or Jason could even comprehend what this thing had just said, it lept forward and slit Jason's throat. It started laughing likea lunatic. It whipped around, ran, jumped, then flew off, still laughing. 

Sky ran over to Jason. He was dead. He picked up Jason and started to run back through the cave system. He ran into Night, and she then ran beside him. By then he had tears streaming down his face. This was no prank. Deadlox was dead, now Jason was dead, and the thing had said this was just the beginning. What was next.......?
Sorry this is 3 weeks late... I feel so terrible! There is some gore in here, so beware.
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